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Types of Luxury Vinyl

Types of Luxury Vinyl


Luxury vinyl has evolved over the years into a breakthrough product that's built for performance and style. It's no longer the cheap flooring you may remember from the past. Modern vinyl comes in the form of planks, tiles, and durable sheets that realistically mirror natural hardwood, tile, and stone. 


Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is the traditional form of this type of flooring, but it now looks and feels more natural than ever before. Our sheet vinyl comes in both tile and wood looks. It's expertly textured for a realistic appearance and feel. It also features a robust surface that's highly stain and wear-resistant.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles come in a wide array of shapes and sizes that mimic natural tile and stone. Each LVT piece is made with a layered construction that has a decorative surface towards the top. This features a high definition image of ceramic or stone and is finished with a durable wear layer for protection.

Each vinyl tile is textured to match the image, and you can lay grout between the pieces for added realism. Luxury vinyl tiles are cheaper than their natural counterparts, as well as softer and quieter underfoot. They're also less likely to chip or crack. 


Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks come in the form of long panels. Their decorative layer generally features natural wood imagery with swirling grains and knots. You'll find vinyl planks with unique touches like bevelled edges, rustic texturing, and varying widths among our selection. LVP has the advantage of being more budget-friendly and moisture-resistant than real hardwood - as well as easier to install and maintain.


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

We carry both water-resistant and fully waterproof luxury vinyl products, including planks and tiles. Our waterproof vinyl collections have moisture-repellent surfaces and watertight seams. A sturdy core layer prevents the vinyl floor pieces from shrinking and expanding with humidity exposure. This makes waterproof wood vinyl a perfect addition if you want a beautiful spa-like bathroom or farm-style kitchen. Stone and tile vinyl is also perfect for your mudroom, hallways, and beyond. 


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