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Carpet Flooring

Types of Carpet


Carpet flooring brings style and comfort to any space. At Alfreds Carpet One Floor & Home in London, Ontario, we have a full range of carpet types to choose from. You’ll find plush, fluffy carpets that are ideal for bedrooms alongside low pile office carpets. You’ll even find high traffic carpets for stairs, entryways, and hallways. Our collections are from many of the best carpet brands available. As you shop, it’s important to look closely at more than just the colours, patterns, and textures we offer; you also want to consider the material and construction of the product. That’s where our experts come in – they are here to provide carpet ideas, advice on design, and information about performance.


Carpet Fibres


Carpet fibres are either synthetic or natural. Each has different characteristics and benefits.


Nylon is thought of as the most durable synthetic fibre on the market. It’s highly tear and wear-resistant, but may need to be stain treated. 

Polyester is traditionally less expensive and less durable than nylon, although this depends on the quality of the fibre. It has natural stain fighting qualities, and it’s also highly fade-resistant.

Olefin is similar to polyester in that it’s stain and fade-resistant. Olefin is more prone to wear than other fibres, which is why we often recommend it for light-traffic spaces.

Triexta is a newer product on the market. While it’s technically a cousin to polyester, it performs with a durability that’s comparable to nylon. 

Wool is one of the most popular natural fibres available. It’s eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and flame-resistant.


Pile Styles


Beyond the fibre material, there are certain carpet pile styles that determine how your new carpet looks and performs. This includes low, medium, and high pile carpets. Low pile carpets are popular in busy settings because they’re easy to clean and they dry fast. Meanwhile, luxury carpets often have higher piles that are ultra-soft and warm.


Cut-pile carpets have fibres that stick up straight and are sheared off at the end. They may be twisted and styled in different ways like frieze and plush.

Loop pile carpets have the fibres rewoven into the backing to create elegant loops that are soft and good at hiding vacuum marks.

Cut-loop pile carpets combine both loops and cuts for a dynamic and textured appearance. This can help disguise snags and blemishes.


As the best place to buy carpet near you, we’re excited to offer unique and performance-driven floors. Our goal is to help you pick out a quality carpet that you’ll love for years to come. 


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