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Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Reliable, easy to care for, and affordable, vinyl has quickly taken over as the fastest growing flooring category on the market. A large part of that demand focuses on waterproof luxury vinyl products. Waterproof vinyl floors offer 100% protection from leaks, spills, and other unexpected accidents. They’re popular with pet owners who don’t want to worry about odour-causing messes, busy families, and commercial businesses alike. In fact, step into any restaurant, downtown shop, condo, or apartment these days and you very well may be walking on waterproof vinyl.


What Makes Vinyl Waterproof?


It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between waterproof floors and moisture-resistant products. All of our luxury vinyl floors provide some level of moisture-resistance and can handle occasional spills and accidents just fine. However, for rooms where you’ll have repeated exposure to lots of water and humidity, it’s best to stick with something that’s 100% waterproof. Our waterproof vinyl includes top brands like Invincible™ H20 and Invincible XT™. These are made with rigid core technology that prevents the planks and tiles from swelling and warping. Leak-tight seams and a quick-drying surface that’s stain-resistant and non-porous also help keep your floors looking beautiful and damage-free.


Where Can Waterproof Floors Be Installed


You may be surprised to learn that many homeowners are opting to install waterproof luxury vinyl throughout their home. While bathrooms and kitchens are certainly popular, vinyl planks and tiles are stylish enough to complete bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, nurseries, and other spaces. Waterproof vinyl planks are particularly sought-after because of their gorgeous natural wood looks complete with incredibly rich, realistic details.

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